What is CHASE?

CHASE is a consortium of universities in the Southeast. It selects students and awards AHRC grants for doctoral work as well as organise placements, research trips, training, and many other research-supportive activities. See http://www.chase.ac.uk/

Is SAVAnT a separate institution to CHASE or a part of CHASE?

SAVAnT is a new structure, established between CHASE institutions and funded through the CHASE cohort development fund, which we are calling a virtual doctoral school for American art. Colleagues from a number of CHASE institutions, as well as SAVAnT members from outside the consortium, will teach into and provide activities for SAVAnT. The school itself has no physical base. It will use space and facilities at CHASE member institutions and galleries for its core activities.

If I sign up to SAVAnT, am I officially on a SAVAnT PhD programme?

No, you will apply to CHASE and to a particular institution like Kent or Goldsmiths to be considered for supervision and funding. Your degree is administered and awarded by that institution. SAVAnT offers a series of workshops, symposia, lectures, conferences and events designed to enhance doctoral work on American art but it does not own or influence the degree you are signed up to.

How do I know when I’m part of SAVAnT?

Students and faculty will join a rolling list of SAVAnT “associates,” or SAVAnTeers, linking them to the virtual doctoral school and ensuring that all communications relevant to SAVAnT will reach them. Your participation will be appreciated but not demanded. This is a network and a pool of faculty and researchers with a strong pedagogical aspect. It will also facilitate students’ own projects to build networks, organise events etc. No part of SAVAnT is credit-bearing or compulsory.

Do I need to be a CHASE funded student to be part of the doctoral school?

No, the School is funded through CHASE but all events, facilities and functions of the School are open to all interested PhD students within CHASE institutions.

Should I mention SAVAnT on my CHASE application?

It depends on your application. If you’re studying any aspect of American art or visual culture, the answer is probably “yes.” Consult your prospective supervisor to see how CHASE best fits on your application.

How can I have two supervisors across two institutions?

All CHASE students can have inter-institutional supervision. You must choose a lead institution and supervisor but if you would like a second supervisor in another CHASE university who you think will enhance the project, contact that person and suggest an inter-institutional arrangement. CHASE has the capacity to recompense the second supervisor independently of the lead institution. You degree will be awarded by the lead institution. Inter-Institutional supervision is useful for SAVAnT because it allows two supervisors associated with the virtual doctoral school to work with a student on different aspects of their project.

Do I have to be an art historian or study in an American Studies department to be a part of SAVAnT?

No, we welcome students from all disciplines who have research interests in American art and visual culture. This could include English, History, Philosophy etc.

Does my whole project need to be based around art?

No, many projects will include a range of materials and disciplines. SAVAnT seeks to inform and enhance the way American visual material finds its way into all kinds of doctoral project.