School of American Visual Arts and Text

The CHASE doctoral school in American Art


SAVAnT is the CHASE doctoral school in American art and visual culture, exploring how Art History intersects with American Studies and other relevant disciplines. SAVAnT seeks to map the lines that lie across and between Art History, Visual Culture, and American Studies in all historical periods, and across the Americas broadly defined.

The school aims to support research and dialogue both between these fields and between CHASE institutions. If your PhD includes aspects of American visual material, SAVAnT warmly invites your participation.


If your (proposed) PhD project is in a CHASE institution and includes aspects of American visual material, SAVAnT warmly invites your participation. You will benefit from:

a) the wide-ranging expertise of colleagues across the consortium
b) a research culture based on symposia, workshops, show-and-tells, mentoring, and conferences
c) a cutting-edge interdisciplinary approach to research

These benefits apply to both CHASE funded students and non-CHASE funded students: all PhD students are encouraged to contact us to become part of our network.

SAVAnT Past & Future

Founded as a network in 2014 by co-directors Joanna Pawlik (Art History, Sussex) and Doug Haynes (American Studies, Sussex), SAVAnT as a CHASE school is now fortunate indeed to have David Peters Corbett (Courtauld Institute) as co-director as well as a host of other CHASE colleagues as potential supervisors and advisors.

Participants in SAVAnT are based in universities across the consortium at all career levels and covering a wealth of specialisms.


Using the SAVAnT network, faculty and students will be able to collaborate in research projects, symposia, conferences, exhibitions, reading groups, and other creative and academic activities.

Find out more about current SAVAnT events:


SAVAnT has so far organized workshops, conference panels, and symposia, at the British Library, at Senate House, at the Courtauld Institute, and at Northumbria University. As a CHASE school, we now encourage students to approach colleagues on our list of participants as potential supervisors, or as mentors for doctoral work. Inter-institutional co-supervision in the CHASE consortium is especially encouraged and student travel costs will be found for these kinds of study arrangements.

As a CHASE school, SAVAnT will provide a programme of connected training events, including lectures, workshops, and seminars. The school will also be a forum for public and academic events. We are fortunate to have the Eccles Centre at the British Library as a partner, as well as the Essex Collection of Art from Latin America at the University of Essex, the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts at UEA, the Brunei Gallery at SOAS, and The Keep archive at Sussex. We also have a non-CHASE academic partner in the Rothermere American Institute at the University of Oxford.


Symposium: American Art First – CfP

American Art First symposium CFP SAVAnT is very excited to present the first Call for Papers for the upcoming symposium: American Art First, to be held 19 and 20 June at the Eccles Centre for American Studies at the British Library. Our keynote will be delivered by...

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SAVAnT@CHASE Research Travel Awards

We warmly invite applications for our research travel grants for PhD students at CHASE institutions in the coming academic year 2019/2020. These grants will fund travel and research for up to three months up to the value of £5000. Please see...

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Chasing America

All interested students or faculty are invited also to attend our opening event, Chasing America on December 9th 2017 at the Courtauld Institute of Art

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Chasing America: Workshop

We presented a workshop on the practice and potential of American Art History across the CHASE consortium on Saturday 24th October 2015 at Somerset...

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What is CHASE?

Is SAVAnT a separate institution to CHASE or a part of CHASE?

If I sign up to SAVAnT, am I officially on a SAVAnT PhD programme?

How do I know when I’m part of SAVAnT?

Do I need to be a CHASE funded student to be part of the doctoral school?

Should I mention SAVAnT on my CHASE application?

How can I have two supervisors across two institutions?

Do I have to be an art historian or study in an American Studies department to be a part of SAVAnT?

Does my whole project need to be based around art?


20th April 2018
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18th May 2018
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